Kangana reacts to late musician Wajid Khan's wife's claim to force on converson of Religion

Kangana reacts to late musician Wajid Khan's wife's claim to force on converson of Religion

Kamalrukh Khan, wife of the late musician Wajid Khan, has claimed to have forced her in-laws to convert her after her inter-caste marriage. Actress Kangana Ranaut has supported her after this revelation. Kamalrukh has revealed in an Instagram post how, even after Wajid's death, her in-laws continue to harass her for allegedly converting to Islam, which is why her relationship was ruined while their husband lived.

Kangana responded to Kamalrukh's claim by tweeting from her verified account on Sunday.

The actress wrote, "The Parsis are a real minority in this nation, they did not come as invaders, but they came as learners and gradually they fell in love with Mother India. Their small population made this nation has contributed greatly to the growth of beauty and the economy. "

Taking a stand on the wife of the late musician, Kangana asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi a question about how our nation is protecting minority communities like Parsi.

The actress wrote, "She is the widow of my friend who is a Zoroastrian woman who is being harassed by her family for her conversion. I want to ask PMO India which minority dramas, headlines, riots and conversions Not sympathetic, how are we protecting them? The number of Zoroastrians has decreased surprisingly. "

She further wrote, "India is revealed as a mother, the child who does the most drama wrongly gets the most attention and benefit. And the one who needs the most care and deserves to live quietly Goes .. need to introspect. "

Significantly, six months after the death of the late musician, his wife has revealed this. Kamalrukh further wrote that, despite the untimely death of Wajid, persecution from his family continues. 

She wrote in her Instagram post, "I am fighting for the rights and inheritance of my children who have been usurped by them. All these things are happening only because I did not adopt Islam as they said. So deep Roots hated that it did not end even after the death of a loved one. I really want to nationalize this anti-conversion law, it will reduce the struggle for women like me, who are fighting the poisoning of religion in interstate marriage."