Come Play Movie Review: Nothing new! But still scares Eazy Robertson's 'Come play', read what is the story

Come Play Movie Review: Nothing new! But still scares Eazy Robertson's 'Come play', read what is the story

After a long time in the Corona era, along with Hindi films in open theaters, now Hollywood movies are also being released. The horror thriller film 'Come Play' is included in them only. The film's story begins with Oliver (AG Robertson / Azhy Robertson), who suffers from autism. He is unable to speak. Uses mobile app for talking, in which it presses the button and speaks its audio through audio. Oliver's parents Sarah and Marty are going through a bad time, but both have a strong relationship with their son.

Oliver has no friends at school. One day an app turns on Oliver's phone. As Oliver swipes his page, he sees a large creacher (creature) with a bone structure, named Larry. Going forward, Oliver realizes that Larry also has no friends, he wants to make friends. He can cause harm if he is not friends. Larry can only be seen through the camera. The story proceeds on this.

In Hollywood and Bollywood, creating a horror story through electronic gadgets is not a new concept. Indian viewers have seen movies like '2.0', 'Unlock', in which the gadget has been used as a character. The film is set in the horror and thriller zone, but director and writer Jacob Chase has given more attention to the characters than the horror. Although the film scares the film in some places due to the background sound, its effect ends immediately.

Jacob has not gone into the depths of that creature through the story, what is the reason for his loneliness, why does he want to be friends through gadgets? Like many questions are not answered in the film. To understand Larry's world one has to watch Jacob's short film Larry, which was released in 2017. The scene that becomes powerful by Creature using electricity is scary. While playing Oliver in the mall, the scene of all the mobiles present there is interesting. The scene of Sarah and Oliver becomes emotional, in which Sara becomes her friend by putting her hand in Larry's hands to save her son.

AG Robertson is innocent in the character of Oliver. Without saying anything, he has shown the character's mood well. Gillian Jacobs portrays the mother's character in an effective way. If you go out to find something new in this film that creates a sense of fear, then maybe you feel disappointed, but considering it as just another horror film, it would be a good time pass.