Kajal Aggarwal and Gautam Kichlu's first picture after marriage got viral

Kajal Aggarwal and Gautam Kichlu's first picture after marriage got viral

Kajal Aggarwal, the famous actress of Bollywood and South Indian cinema, finally got married to the entrepreneur Gautam Kichlu. On Friday (October 30), Kajal and Gautam got married in the Mumbai Hotel Taj Mahal Palace. Not many people attended the wedding due to the pandemic. Family and close friends were invited to a wedding party. The first picture of Kajal and Gautam has gone viral as soon as they arrive. Fans are sharing this and congratulating them.

This photo of Kajal has been shared on Instagram by Wedding Sutra, in which she is seen with Gautam. Kajal looks pretty in a wedding dress and makeup. At the same time, Gautam is looking very elegant as a groom. According to the information given in the post, Kajal is styled by Ami Patel. At the same time, The A Cube Project has done wedding planning. Earlier on Thursday, Kajal's Mehandi and Haldi ceremonies took place, in which Kajal fiercely danced and had fun. These pictures went viral on social media.

Kajal's wedding photos have gone viral on social media and fans are sharing and congratulating them. Kajal wrote- "I am extremely happy to say that I am getting married to Gautam Kichlu on October 30 in Mumbai in a small family ceremony. This pandemic has certainly filled our happiness with simplicity, but we are very excited to start our life together and know that you all will be happy for our happiness too. We need your blessings for this wonderful beginning. I will still keep doing all that I enjoy the most, entertain people, but now its meaning and purpose will change. Thank you for your endless support."

Earlier, Kajal posted a photo of the wedding preparations on Instagram, wearing makeup and hairstyle. With this photo, Kajal wrote - "Peace before the storm."

Kajal's husband Gautam Kichlu is an entrepreneur and an admirer of interior design. According to Gautam's Instagram account, he is an internet entrepreneur, with interiors and tech designs. Runs the website of Interior Decoration. Gautam posted the pictures of the pooja on Instagram and wrote - "Blessing and Positivity." Kajal lured her love with these pictures.