Rapid test accuracy in Delhi once again surrounded by questions, only 5% found corona infected

Rapid test accuracy in Delhi once again surrounded by questions, only 5% found corona infected

The corona probe acuity with rapid antigen kit is once again under question. The first survey conducted between 20 and 25 November found 1178 infected. If you look at the data of total investigation in November, 22.19 percent people have been infected in RTPCR investigation. At the same time, in the rapid antigen test this number is just 5.87 percent. That too when rapid investigation has doubled compared to RTPCR.

According to Delhi government data, between 13 and 25 November, a total of more than 13 lakh investigations were conducted in Delhi. In this 4.57 lakh RTPCR investigations found 1.01 lakh corona infected. This is more than 22 percent. Meanwhile, 8.56 lakh probes were carried out with rapid antigen kits. In this, 50 thousand 352 people were found infected, which was just 5.87 percent, which is double the number of rapid investigations compared to RTPCR. But there is a great difference in the rate of infection. Recently, the High Court has raised questions about the accuracy of rapid antigen kits. Instructed to extend RTPCR investigation to identify the infected. Experts believe that one of the reasons for the large number of cases in November is that the number of RTPCR investigations has been increased this month. On some days, the rate of infection from RTPCR has been above 30%.

ICMR is also aware of concerns about accuracies in the Rapid Antigen Kit test report. Therefore, all states have been directed to extend RTPCR investigation. Also said that if a report of a person with a symptom is negative in a rapid examination, then RTPCR investigation should be done.

Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain said that the good news for Delhiites is that the infection rate is decreasing. Delhi had the highest infection rates on November 7 on both RTPCR and Rapid. On that day, 30.20 percent of the infected were found in the RTPC investigation, while 8.39 percent were found in Rapid. Now it has declined. On November 26, the infection rate has come down to eight and a half percent. Either way, if there is a decline, there are good signs.

Number game: 
Between November 1-25, a total of over 13.14 lakh investigations were conducted.
-4,57,683 RTPCR investigations were conducted.
-22.19 percent people were infected.
-8,56,702 rapid antigen kit tested.
-5.87 percent people were infected.
On November 14, the highest infection rate was 15.33 percent.
On November 25, the lowest infection rate was 8.48 percent.

Five days of November when more infected (per cent)
Date RTPCR Rapid Average
7 November 30.20 8.39 15.26
8 November 25.69 5.64 12.84
9 November 26.46 8.00 13.26
10 November 27.76 7.22 13.40
13 November 25.60 7.71 14.78
14 November 26.75 6.47 15.33