Writer of the movie 'Takht' tweets against Hindus!

Writer of the movie 'Takht' tweets against Hindus!

Filmmaker Karan Johar's upcoming movie 'Takht' seems to be engulfed in controversies. The film's screenwriter Hussain Haidry tweeted against the Hindus, following which many have been criticizing him and calling for a boycott of the film.

As reported by Zoom TV Entertainment.com, the #boycottTakht is trending at the top on Twitter, accusing Haidry of tweeting anti-Hindu tweets.

According to the portal, Hussain's Twitter account is locked, but the screenshot of his tweet, which reads 'Hindu terrorism', is becoming viral among people.

In a majority of tweets, people are demanding from filmmaker Karan Johar that, Hydari be removed from the film's team, otherwise they will boycott the film. However, Johar's response is yet to come.

One user wrote, “Hey Dharma movie, this man who is living on your salary commits the evil of Hinduism day and night. That is why we boycott your film.”