Shahid Kapoor gets a Rs 100 crore deal with Netflix!

Shahid Kapoor gets a Rs 100 crore deal with Netflix!

Coronavirus also had infected the entertainment world. The OTT platforms are cutting silver due to the locks on the theatres amid the pandemic. There has been a demand for content here that even those with OTT platforms are not able to meet it.

Huge players like Amazon Prime and Netflix have bought movies of many famous stars and made them available in the drawing-room of the cinemas already. Now, these Bollywood stars are also making films, web series.

It is reported that Bollywood star Shahid Kapoor, who made a comeback through Kabir Singh, got a big deal from Netflix. According to sources, an offer of 100 crore rupees has been made to Shahid in this deal.

Shahid will also have to do some films, web series, and concept-driven fiction under this deal. Shahid will be paid according to the projects. Shahid is yet to confirm this. He is sure that the future belongs to the OTT platform, so it is more likely for him to accept the deal.

At present, Shahid is busy preparing for the film 'Jersey'. His shooting will last for ten days in Lucknow.