Preparing for the sequel of 'Joker', Walkin Phoenix signs a deal worth 367 crores!

Preparing for the sequel of 'Joker', Walkin Phoenix signs a deal worth 367 crores!

The Hollywood movie 'Joker', directed by Todd Phillips, was the biggest blockbuster movie of 2019. In this, actor Walkin Phoenix, who made the audience crazy with his best acting, will soon return with the sequel of Joker. Yes, there are reports that Walkin has been offered a deal of $ 50 million i.e. 367 crores for 2 sequels of Joker.

The film's director, actor, or producer did not plan on Joker's sequel, but after the critical and commercial successes, both Walkin and Todd are hinting towards Joker's sequels. Walkin Phoenix won the Academy Award for his performance in the film. At the Oscars 2020, it was nominated in 11 different categories. It was the first R-rated film (banned for under 17 years of age) film which earned more than a billion.

According to The Mirror, Walkin Phoenix previously considered Joker to be a stand-alone movie, but now it's has changed. Despite the controversies of last year, he wants to play this character again on screen. A source in the film said that it is still under discussion. Scripts are being written and Walkin is very busy with it. He is planning to bring two sequels to the Joker in the next four years as part of a long-term commitment with director Todd Phillips, actor Walkin Phoenix, and producer Bradley Cooper.

Some time ago, in an interview, Bradley told that Todd had called him and told him about the idea of a new version of DC which is the original story clown. At the same time, Walkin also said in an interview with Los Angeles Times - 'Before the release of the Joker film or its success, we talked about its sequels. During the shooting of the second or third week of the Joker film, I told Tod that we should start working on the sequel. There is much more to explore. It was said just like that, not really.

Well, now only time will tell when the sequel of Joker will come. By the way, the gestures of Walkin and Toad are telling that soon the fans will be aware of the Joker's sequel.