Govinda and Krushna: What is the reason for the dispute between uncle and nephew?

Govinda and Krushna: What is the reason for the dispute between uncle and nephew?

The relationship between Bollywood's famous maternal uncle and nephew, who once shared excellent bonding, has now broken. At times, both of them have been seen publicly. Now once again the tension between Govinda and Krushna remains in the discussion. This happened when in the Diwali special episode of The Kapil Sharma Show, Govinda appeared as a guest and Krushna was not there in the team.

In the Kapil Sharma show, Govinda also lashed out at Krushna without naming him. Krushna wants to reconcile with Govinda despite his resentment. At the same time, the way Govinda has recently commented on Krushna, it does not seem that he is in the mood for a patch up. In such a situation, you know on what issue this dispute arose between uncle and nephew and when?

This whole controversy started due to a social media post. It is about 2018. Krushna's wife Kashmira Shah wrote a post - People who dance for money. This post had shocked Govinda's wife Sunita.

However, Krushna had clarified on behalf of his wife that Kashmiri had written this matter for his sister Aarti Singh. But Govinda and his wife clearly said that it was written for them only. Krushna tried to convince his aunt many times but she did not agree.

Seeing that the matter caught fire, Krushna asked Kashmira to delete that post. Krushna also believed that it was Kashmira's fault. Speeches started growing in Sunita and Krushna's family. Sunita claimed that Krushna got the fame that he has because of being the nephew of Govinda's.

Sunita decided to break all ties with Krushna and his family. At the same time, Kashmira clearly said that when one of his children was fighting with life and death in the hospital, Govinda and Sunita did not even come to see their child. Kashmira claimed that Govinda and Sunita forced Krushna to accept his mistake and apologize.

Well, Krushna tried to improve the relationship with uncle and aunt many times. Despite all this, Krishna had invited Govinda-Sunit on the birthday of his children, but both of them did not go to the party. Due to which Krushna was very sad.

After this, last year when Govinda went to Kapil's show with his family. Sunita then did not want Krushna Abhishek to be present on the set in front of him. So Krushna did not appear in that episode. It has to be seen now amidst so many arguments that when the rift between uncle and nephew ends. (Aaj tak)