Bulbbul movie review: Anushka Sharma's impactful supernatural portrayal of patriarchy

Bulbbul movie review: Anushka Sharma's impactful supernatural portrayal of patriarchy

Bulbbul Movie Review: Anushka Sharma's impactful supernatural portrayal of patriarchy


Bulbbul is a movie of Clean Slate Films production headed by siblings Anushka Sharma-Karnesh Sharma is now streaming on Netflix India. 
Bollywood celebrities or siblings in the business are making us admire the carefully cultivated new genre in the Bollywood industry 'the feminist supernatural films'. After 'Phillauri' and 'Pari', we have 'bulbbul' which is portrayed to be a story of a demon lady. 


The movie is amazingly shot in the Bengali storyline with the Raja Ravi Varma's portraits as an inspiration for the interiors and 'Haveli' of the scenes. The production team needs to get huge credit for the same. The movie is approximately one and a half-hour long, which is great for the audience to stick to. The characters are all well casted with Rahul Bose playing the 'Thakur Indranil' and his twin brother 'Mahendra', Avinash Tiwary whom we have seen in the movie 'Laila Majnu' recently is playing 'Satya Thakur' who is the youngest brother of 'Thakur Indranil', there is also a very interesting and impactful character of Haveli's 'choti bahu' who is married to 'Mahendra' played by the beautiful Paoli Dam, a woman who is presented to be someone who covers everything evil in the culture and gets customary to it, to be able to survive in the society and the 'Haveli'.
The story is about Bulbbul who is a little girl gets married to 'Indranil' who is more than 30 years older than her.  Bulbbul is played beautifully by Tripti Dimri, the main lead of the movie Laila Majnu. 


The plot revolves around a little girl turns into a woman governing the whole house without a man by her side, the evil that society has been doing with women ever since. This movie is depicted as a story of nearly 19th century when women had to endure anything and everything to be able to lead a normal life. Undergo the sinful deeds of men and whatnot. 
No wonder the direction of Anvita Dutt has been an enormous impact on the storyline. 


The movie is a little predictable though managed to secure the suspenseful moments at some points. The camera attitudes and effects in the movie are great after all a supernatural genre. Anushka Sharma has, all in all, made a film again which is 'made by women for women' and how! We wish it performs wondrous at the Netflix and reaches wider audiences. 

Bulbbul is streaming now on Netflix India.