Aarya Review : Sushmita Sen's Impactful Comeback! Disney Plus Hotstar

Aarya Review : Sushmita Sen's Impactful Comeback! Disney Plus Hotstar

Aarya review: Sushmita Sen's Impactful Comeback! Disney Plus Hotstar


The eternal beauty Sushmita Sen is setting the wonders again on screen and this time on the digital screen with 'AARYA'. The actress shines as Aarya with her magnificent performance and keeps you glued. She is for sure able to retain her on-screen charm with the audience.


Chandrachur Singh has also made a comeback with the show and is very impactful but we couldn't see him till the end.

Talking about the screenplay and the review:

The show is 9 episodes long with about 50 minutes duration each, is written by Sandeep Shrivastava and Anu Singh Choudhary. Despite being a long show duration it seems we are really able to binge on it. 


As far as the screenplay is concerned it seems like Ram Madhvani as the director and the show is an adaptation of the Dutch crime series 'Penoza' that went on for seven years is an element of a recipe for an engaging thriller series, the series focuses on a wife understanding the seedy business her husband is involved in, beyond his pharmaceutical company presented as a mere front how the wife wants the husband to cut ties with the shady practices which leads to irreparable consequences for her as he gets shot and police have a constant scanner over her whereabouts. The show gets a turning point as Aarya played by Sushmita Sen takes the matter into her own hands diving head-on in her husband's business and business partners and rivals. Taking charge in every shape and form of the business. 

You cannot underestimate the brilliance of director Ram Madhvani in the making of the show. How beautiful and authentic it is presented as it is shot in Rajasthan and not to forget the brilliant performances of the actors in the show. It, however, is predictable at some points but also keeps you guessing in the roller-coaster ride with 'AARYA' on the driver's seat. This show has brought on screen some great talents in the supporting characters we missed watching on the screen like Namit Das, Manish Choudhary. 


The web series is a story of perseverance, a story that showcases the applicable reflection of human nature. This is a show that can easily be converted into a series of seasons and is an amazing comeback of Sushmita Sen. 

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