Gopi Bahu of 'Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2' Revealed What All Be New in the Show this Time?

Gopi Bahu of 'Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2' Revealed What All Be New in the Show this Time?

The popular TV show Saath Nibhana Saathiya was well received. Now its second season is going to start. Devolina Bhattacharjee will be seen repeating the character 'Gopi Bahu' and Rupal Patel 'Kokilaben' in the show. Devolina is quite excited about this show. She is returning to the screen with 'Kokilaben' to win the audience's heart. Devolina Bhattacharjee gave a special oration.

Will we get to see the same scared-gopi 'Gopi Bahu' this time as seen last season? What will be the newness in your character this time?

This year, you will not see Dari-Sahmi 'Gopi Bahu'. She changed her form in season one itself. In the show, 'Gopi Bahu' always gave love to her mother, respected her. Whatever she does, she does it by asking so that the right harmony between the two can sit. Mother-in-law's pair in the show is such that if anything happens to Gopi, she also reconfirms. There are many changes in the character that will be seen this season.

Onscreen, you seem really scared of Kokilaben, tell about your friendship, love, and rapport with him in real life?

At the beginning of the serial, it was definitely shown that 'Gopi Bahu' is afraid of Ma Ji aka 'Kokilaben', but later her bonding got better. He was transformed into fear, love, and respect. In real life, Rupal Patel Mam is quite funny. There are some principles in everyone's life. Rupal Mam Respects All Co-Actors. Onscreen, which you have not seen inside Kokila Modi, she has created an equally funny nature in real life.

Three years later, the show is making a comeback from the second season, the cast is almost the same, so how is the experience of working with Kokilaben again?

It is a very good experience because I have got a chance to work with Rupal Mam again. She is very professional. I remain very excited whenever there is a scene with her because I know that she will give her 100%. While working with her in scenes, one gets to learn a lot. I can say with the full expectation that I have learned a lot from Rupal Mam, over the years.

Devolina further says that it is a big deal for me to get a compliment from Rupal Maam. Rupal Maam told me that since then, I have been seeing changes in you as well as some old things. She motivates me a lot. So I would say that the opportunity to work with Roopal Maam again is fantastic for me.

Mohammad Nazim aka Ahem is going to be seen in a double role in the show, which he is very excited about. This double role will surprise the audience. Mohammad Nazim will be seen in both Ahem and Jaggi this time. Jaggi, who looks like Aham, who was introduced in the first season, is returning once again this season. He will play an important role in the upcoming storylines.

Apart from this, Harsh Nagar is playing the character of 'Anant' in this show. At the same time, Sneha Jain will be seen playing the character of 'Gehna'. Both are new to the show.