'Goldfinger' fame actress Margaret Nolan passed away

'Goldfinger' fame actress Margaret Nolan passed away

Famous actress Margaret Nolan died at the age of 76 after working in the 1964 film 'Goldfinger' with Hollywood actor James Bond. The late actress's son Oscar informed Variety Nuss. The actress died on 5 October.

Director Edgar Wright paid tribute to Margaret Nolan on Twitter.

Wright tweeted, "It's sad that I have to tell actress and artist Margaret Nolan passed away. She was seen with the Beatles and Iconic Bond."

Margaret Nolan was seen wearing a gold bikini in posters, records, books, paintings of the film 'Goldfinger'.

She took a break from acting in the mid-80s, after which she made a comeback in 2011 with the film 'The Power of Two Man'. 

The actress began her career with The Beatles' film A Hard Day's Night (1964).