Diabetes patients are more at risk of the coronavirus, why?

Diabetes patients are more at risk of the coronavirus, why?

Vimal Gupta, senior doctor of endocrinology at Fortis Hospital Vasant Kunj, said that the coronavirus affects the pancreas besides infecting the lung.

He said that it has been observed that it causes pancreatitis in some patients. Pancreatic insulin is secreted, which helps regulate glucose levels but decreases virus secretion, leading to increased glucose levels in patients. Many patients become diabetic for the first time after becoming infected.

Vimal Gupta said that most diabetes patients in India have obesity and other diseases. He said that if someone has coronavirus, they are not given SGLT2 antagonists and other drugs that reduce weight and regulate sugar levels. When we stop these medicines, the level of diabetes increases. Sodium-glucose co-transporter-2 (SGLT2) drug is used in type two diabetes.

Dr. BL, Director of Rajiv Gandhi Super Specialty Hospital Sherwal said that in diseases like covid19, the level of sugar is likely to increase due to stress.

He said that patients whose immunity is weak, are more at risk due to the virus. Such patients will have higher mortality because they have lower immunity and need more care.

Dr. Deshwal said that extra effort has to be taken in the treatment of such patients. If we look at the statistics of the patients who died, most of them had complaints of uncontrolled diabetes.