Akshay's 'Laxmmi Bomb' demand to ban, allegations of spreading love-jihad

Akshay's 'Laxmmi Bomb' demand to ban, allegations of spreading love-jihad

Actor Akshay Kumar's film Laxmmi Bomb has received tremendous response from the audience. The trailer of the film has trended, but many controversies have also arisen regarding Laxmmi Bomb. If on one hand the film is being liked, on the other hand, there is a section which is demanding a ban on the film.

There has been a demand from the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti to ban Akshay's Laxmmi Bomb. The film has been accused of hurting religious sentiments. It is being told that Mata Laxmmi is being mocked through this film and love jihad has been promoted. In this connection, Ramesh Shinde, spokesperson of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti has issued a statement. On one hand, he has made many allegations on Akshay's film, also the government of Maharashtra has been targeted.

The statement said - The film being released on Diwali has been deliberately named Laxmmi Bomb. So our first objection is to the name of the film. We have been appealing to people not to burn Laxmmi Bomb for many years because it is an insult to the Hindu Goddess, but this film will inspire people to burn firecrackers. While adding an angle of love jihad in the film, Shinde says - actor Akshay Kumar is named Asif in the film, while the actress Kiara Advani has been named Priya Yadav. The meaning is clear, this film promotes love jihad. Therefore Laxmmi Bomb should be banned immediately.

At the same time, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti has also tightened the Uddhav government. Referring to the film Muhammad the Messenger of God, demand has also been raised to ban Laxmmi Bomb. Shinde has said about this - for Muhammad the Messenger of God, it was said that this film had hurt the sentiments of the Muslim community, due to this, the Home Minister of the Government of Maharashtra talked about banning the film. The film is insulting Hindu deities. 

An objection has also been shown by the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti about Akshay Kumar's eunuch character. According to him, in the film, Kinner has been shown as a negative character. Red Kumkum, Red Saree, open hair have been deliberately kept for his character in the film. At the same time, he has been made to dance with a trident in his hand. Shinde says on this - Will this filmmaker who is currently making such films on Diwali, will he ever be able to show courage to make films like Ayesha Bomb, Fatima Bomb, Shabina Bomb on the occasion of Eid. Just as the sentiments of the Muslim community are taken care of, why are Hindu sentiments being ignored? Has secularism now become against Hindus in this country? 

It is known that Akshay's Laxmmi Bomb is going to be released on November 9 on OTT. Akshay's look in the film has surprised everyone. In such a situation, the film has become a buzz. But right now the controversy has arisen over the release of the film. In such a situation, whether the film is released or not is a big question in itself.